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Being a Team Player

Every professional sport has its great ones. Ask a group of sports statistics nerds who best embodies overall excellence in their respective sport—you'll most likely get an array of answers. However, in the case of professional hockey, you're more likely to get just one: Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky holds forty regular season records and an a…

LEGO Moments

It's those moments that happen right before the click. Two thoughts floating through time and space, looking only for its mate. Without invitation or warning, the parts meet and the magic happens. Knowledge and understanding explode from the friction created by the pairing. We know now what we could have never known before.

Sympathy for Smeagol

If you have read the book or seen the movie, you probably know the character Sméagol from *The Lord of the Rings*. He was a halfing (hobbit) who turned into an almost indescribable creature—his alter-ego, Gollum—due to obsession. The ire of his misguided affection was The One Ring of Power, a ring crafted by the evil king Sauron. Sméag…